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Morneau Shepell

Size: 60,000 square feet



Morneau Shepell is the leading provider of technology-enabled HR services that deliver an integrated approach to employee well-being through their cloud-based platform. Their focus is providing world-class solutions to their clients to support the mental, physical, social and financial well-being of their people.



Keeping in mind the nature of the work, the design intent was to create an active workplace - a space that is safe and promotes health and wellness for all. Keeping in mind the diverse and inclusive approach of the organisation we devised a Universal Design approach. It involved designing spaces that can be used by the widest range of people possible. A hierarchy of spaces has been created to choose from in order to activate all the five senses of human body with loads of natural light and green elements inside the office space.


The long work-hours in a developing country ends up with long sitting hours for the employees. With our design we seek for opportunities to change the behavior of the employees. High discussion tables introduced at the vicinity of the workforce to make people take a little walk to boost their energy and focus levels. Making it socially acceptable to walk a little and have standing meetings.

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