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Previously working out of its parent Indian company situated in Noida to being shifted into a swanky stand alone building with 11 floors  of total area 125,000 sqft.


Our main goal for Idemia was to develop a culture of an international digital company engaged in the field of augmented identity.


We realized that there was a real need to create a culture for the workplace and transformation into a new digital culture for the workforce. Being a multi-leveled office space -  we interpreted collaboration spaces themed on the company values  as the main entrance points on each floor thereby providing diversity on each floor.


The open office plan provided a simple, capable and communicative work setting for teams of developers, designers and user experience specialists wherein their personal or team work requirements were adaptive to the wide range of collaboration spaces all around.


With the young workforce comes a demand of new styles for the workspace design. An office that is sustainable, technologically powered, with special care for the health and wellness of the team by creating a biophilic workplace was the attempt.

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